Management of

Co-ownership Syndicates

Gestion MAHD offers condominium management services adapted to small and medium-sized co-ownership syndicates in the Laurentians. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote from you.

Financial management

Monthly bookkeeping service for your administrators


Condo Fees and Special Fees Service and deposit money directly into the bank account of your condominium corporation.

Annual financial statements

Presentation of the budget at the annual general meeting of the co-owners.

Payment of suppliers

Preparation of the checks for the payment of the suppliers and sending them to the board of directors for the counter-signature.

Record keeping

Management and updating of the registers and archives required by law such as the register of co-owners.

Legal obligations

Preparation of legal documents at the Registraire des entreprises and at Revenue Canada and Revenu Québec.

Tailor-made services

Our services are adapted according to the size and needs of your co-ownership syndicate. We will be happy to send you a free quote adapted to your needs without any commitment on your part.


From the à la carte service to the turnkey service, our services adapt to your needs and cover the 3 main aspects of managing a co-ownership syndicate.


The administrative component includes various services such as the preparation of documents before the annual general meeting, the maintenance of archives and registers, the drafting of legal documents such as the annual declaration with the REQ, etc.


The operational component deals with the communication between the board of directors, the co-owners and the service providers like your insurer. The operational component also includes the monitoring of the work and the hiring of specialized forms to keep your building in good condition.


The financial component provides for the preparation of the annual budget, collecting and depositing condo fees and special assessments into the union's account, making the necessary reminders to collect arrears and check bills and pay suppliers or contractors.

Free quote

Request a free quote without obligation on your part.

About us

Gestion MAHD is a condominium manager based in Mont-Tremblant. We offer affordable management services for small and medium-sized co-ownership syndicates. Ranging from partial or complete management of your union, our service offer adapts to your needs. To provide you with security and peace of mind, Gestion MAHD has purchased professional liability insurance of $ 2,000,000. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote from you to find out how we can help you better manage your co-ownership syndicate.

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