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Who does what?

It is important to differentiate the role of the members of the board of directors from that of the co-ownership manager. If the decisions remain the responsibility of the CA or the assembly of the co-owners, the role of the manager is one of accompaniment.

Following the decisions of the C.A. and the assembly of co-owners, the manager will have to take care to perform the tasks assigned to him according to the management contract established between the syndicate of co-ownership and the latter.

Thus, his duties vary according to the mandate entrusted to him. They can be administrative, financial or affect the management of the building. It is therefore very important to clearly define the tasks at the time of signing the management contract.

Administratives services

  • Preparation of the annual meeting and minutes
  • Completing government reports
  • Support for various legal issues
  • Maintenance of books and archives
  • Access to the union archives
  • Update of the co-owners’ files

Financial services

  • Keeping the books
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Tracking
  • Collection of monthly dues
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Budget preparation

Building Management

  • Establish a plan of work to be done
  • Ensure the quality of maintenance work
  • Provide various bids for the selection of contractors
  • Follow up of improvement work

Whether you choose an all-inclusive plan or want to entrust us with only a part of the tasks, we will be able to offer you a formula adapted to your needs and the reality of your condominium syndicate. Whether your complex includes only a few units or is large, we are here for you. Feel free to request a free, no-obligation quote from us to find out how we can help you manage your condominium syndicate.